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My Allergy Diary Enhancements
We continue improving Pollen.com. Today we bring needed improvements to my allergy diary area.

Now our members can track current predominant pollens. For each day (for up to 90 days) your diary will display up to three predominant pollens that can be adjusted if desired. These are based on your current location set in your profile. We also added notes area where you can store medications or any other relative information. Moreover other enhancements were made to improve calendar navigation and combine my diary and historic pollen index charts.

To become a Pollen.com Member please register here

Mold forecast is also in the queue and will be coming soon.
More forecasts are coming to Pollen.com
We just added Cold and Ultraviolet Forecasts to Pollen.com. But wait there's more to come - we're planning to add Mold Forecast in the near future!
Allergy Alert Android App Now Available in the Market

Hello Everyone,

Download Pollen.com's Allergy Alert for Android Pollen.com is proud to announce Allergy Alert, a free application you can download from the Android    Marketplace for your Android phone or device! This friendly application provides index levels for four different conditions: Allergy (Pollen), Asthma, Cold and Cough, and Ultraviolet Sensitivity. With a simple touch of the screen, you can plan your day with the One Day Alerts or think about your whole week with the four day forecasts! Click here to download the Allergy Alert App. Please  click here to download the Allergy Alert App for Android devices.


Pollen.com Makes an Appearance on the Today Show

The end of this segment about Allergies includes our daily Pollen map - the recognized authority in pollen forecasting!

Today Show Map

Facebook and Twitter
Pollen.com is proud to announce its arrival to Facebook and Twitter!
Your Account Profile

Once you have created an account for Pollen.com, you can maintain your personal profile information online. Simply choose My Pollen.com > Edit Profile.

Here you can update your email address, password, name, and other key information. Your zip code will effect all the Allergy charts you see when logged into Pollen.com. Keep in mind you can only change your zip once every 2 weeks. There is also a handy place to keep track of the pollens you think effect you most.

Steve Browning
Manager, Web Development Team

Pollen.com New Features
Pollen.com has undergone a major facelift along with additions of new features and tools. Pollen.com has a new look as well as an easier navigation to make the user’s experience faster and simpler.
Check out new features on Pollen.com.
Extending Pollen.com for Mobile Devices.
We would like to announce that we just extended Pollen.com to your hand-held devices! A simplified site was built that allows users to access the main features of Pollen.com on their cell phones, designed specifically for small screen resolutions.
PollenLibrary.com updates and new features
Since the beginning of site's launch PollenLibrary.com served as a great resource for researching plants allergenicity and times when plants' allergy effect you the most. In the latest release we have improved numerous features and added new ones. PollenLibrary.com is now all about helping you identify the plants causing allergies in your area right now and predicting how long this allergen pollination will last.
Pollen.com is HONcode compliant!
How do you know the information you find on the web is trustworthy? One way is to look for certification from the Health On the Net Foundation, also known as HON.

The HON Foundation is a Non-Governmental Organization, internationally known for its pioneering work in the field of health information ethics, notably for the establishment of its code of ethical conduct, the HONcode. The HONcode is the most widely accepted reference for online health and medical publishers.

Pollen.com is proud to be certified by HON, and to be HONcode compliant!

Steve Browning
Manager, Web Development Team
Updated Pollen Widgets for Google and Yahoo
We're proud to release our latest Pollen Yahoo Widget and Pollen Google Gadget on Feb 13, 2009!  These updated utilities load quicker and have an updated interface.  You can learn all about our Widgets and Gadgets at PollenWidgets.com (http://www.pollenwidgets.com).

Please download the latest Widgets from Yahoo's Widget Directory (http://widgets.yahoo.com/) and Google's Gadget Directory (http://www.google.com/ig/directory?synd=open).

Next week, Pollen.com's latest updates will be released!  Stay tuned!
Looking back to 2008!

Hello everyone,

In the past year we have announced a great suite of websites and features to Pollen.com. The first on our list was Pollenwidgets.com. Pollen widgets and gadgets make it possible to access the Pollen count on your desktop without the need of opening a web browser. We are excited about this addition and are currently working to support more operating systems as well as enhancing the feature set in 2009.

Introduced in the 3rd quarter was an integration with Allergy Buyers Club and Wego Health. Users can now shop for allergy relief and healthy home products without leaving our website and discuss Allergy related issues with other allergy sufferers. In the midst of the integrations and widget development we were hard at work developing the highest requested feature this year, Pollen History. We receive tons of great feedback from you that we greatly appreciate and can’t wait to integrate and announce in 2009, so stay tuned and remember to voice your comments, send us your recommendations and visit Pollenlibrary.com and pollen.com for all your allergy related needs.

Paul klebanov,
Pollen.com developer

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Building an iphone application

Hello everyone,

Would you like a Pollen iphone application? The application would be similar to our Pollen widgets found at pollenwidgets.com and would make accessing the pollen alert without a computer possible! We would like to know what smart phone you are using and what features of Pollen.com you would like on your phone. Please comment below.

Paul klebanov,
Pollen.com developer

Pollen Developers Blog

Hello everyone,

We just lunched the Pollen Developers Blog where we will update you on new site features, new developments, and the latest news surrounding Pollen.com. Thank you for visiting and we look forward to sharing our insights into the technology and culture.

Paul klebanov,
Pollen.com developer

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